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Wheel of Fortune

How to Play

Similar to Roulette, but with simpler bets. The Wheel of Fortune is very visual and players can win large amounts on here. It is a game that people will start on to build up a few chips, before moving onto Roulette or Black Jack. Players can get very vocal as they cheer when winning the ‘Jackpot’. The large stand up wheel has a ‘flap’ at the top which will land on a Card when the wheel stops spinning and this Card is then the winner for that spin. Each spin is individual and does not relate to the previous spin. The Croupier will spin the wheel and players are invited to place a bet on the layout as follows: There is an option to bet on the colour of the winning card either Black or Red. These pay even money (1-1). •The other options of placing a bet are on 10 – pays 1-1, Jack – pays 5-1, Queen pays 10-1, King pays 20-1 Ace pays 40-1 •There are a lot more 10’s than there are Kings for example and that is why the odds are higher for the King. •Losing bets are taken off by the Croupier and placed into the ‘Jackpot’. The Jackpot can be won at any time and the winner gets the total amount of chips that are in there at the time. The Wheel of Fortune is a fast game and very easy to play for all you High Rollers! Players can get involved by spinning the wheel themselves and may have a chance to become a ‘Croupier’ for a while – our staff are always happy to show players how to deal the game and this one is easy for guests to pick up.