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Stud Poker

How to Play

Stud Poker is one of the easiest & friendliest of poker games, in which the players are trying to get a higher hand than the dealer’s hand – they are not competing against each other.

Stud Poker is a 5 card, ‘no-draw’ poker game.

The game begins by the players placing a bet on the ‘Ante’ box. The dealer then shuffles one full pack of cards and deals five cards to each player face down and five to himself, with the last card dealt face up.

The players then pick up their cards and decide whether they think that their hand can beat the dealers. (The player has only to beat the dealer, it doesn’t matter what cards other players have).

If the player decides that he can beat the dealer, he places an additional ‘Raise’ bet behind his ante, which needs to be exactly double his ante. If the player decides that the dealers hand will beat his own, then he can fold and forfeit the ante bet. Once all the players have either folded or doubled their bet, the dealer reveals his own cards. The dealers hand needs to hold an Ace and a King minimum in order to play, if the dealer does not have this minimum hand then the dealer pays even money to all of the ante bets regardless of what the players have in their hands. The Raise bet does not get paid in this instance.

If the dealer does have the minimum hand or higher and can play, he will then compare his hand to the players.

the fun casino players hand has a lesser hand than the dealers, then the player will lose both the ante and the raise bet. If the players hand is better than the dealers, then he will be paid even money on the ante bet, and on the raise bet he will be paid according to the following odds:

One Pair or lessEven

Two Pairs 2 – 1

Three of A Kind 3 – 1

Straight 4 – 1

Flush 6 – 1

Full House 8 – 1

our of A Kind 20 – 1

Straight Flush 50 – 1

Royal Flush 100 – 1

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