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How to Play

Roulette is best well known, and of course the most glamorous, making it very popular and is easier to play.

There are 37 numbers 0-36 inclusive, marked on the green braze and there are 12 different ways to place your chips before the ball and wheel are spun.

The bets fall into 2 categories, those offering even money bets, and those offering odds.

In all wins, the original stake is returned with your winnings.


 Odd Money Bets

• Rouge…a bet that a red number will win evens

• Noir…a bet that a black number will win evens

• Pair…a bet that a even number will win evens

• Impair…a bet that an odd number will win evens

• Manquee…a bet that a low number will win 1-18

• Passe…a bet that a high number will win 19-36

Even Money Bets

• Rouge…a bet that a red number will win evens

• Split…a bet placed on the line between 2 numbers pays 17-1

• Street…a bet placed to cover 3 number pays 11-1

• Corner…a bet placed to cover 4 numbers pays 8-1

• Six Line…a bet placed to cover 6 numbers pays 5-1

• Column…a bet placed to cover 12 numbers pays 2-1

• Dozen…a bet to cover 1-1212P 13-2412M