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Chuck a Luck

How to Play

It is dealt on a blackjack sized table.

There are 6 segments on the table numbered 1 – 6.

There are 3 dice in a cage which has a handle on it to spin it.

Players bet on which face will appear. So if a player bets on the segment numbered 2 and one dice rolls a 2 the dealer pays even money. If 2 dice show a 2 the dealer pays 2 – 1. If 3 dice show a 2 the dealer pays 10 – 1.

Field bets pay even money if total is 5 – 8 or 13 – 16. Other bets are under 10 and over 11 which pay even money and if all 3 dice show the same number a bet on the treble pays 30 – 1.