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Company Parties

Dandy Events are specialist corporate party planners, focused on producing the most creative and impact driven staff parties and business entertainment events throughout the North East.

Parties are known to excite and leave lasting impressions with your clients. They provide an environment for both you and your clients to relax, have fun and build strong relationships. Hosting a party can be stressful and may not allow you to use your time productively, so why have the hastle and stress?

Dandy Events will organise all of the detail and logistics, saving your staff time, and as we produce hundreds of parties every year we can often get much better prices from suppliers than if you approach them directly – another great reason to use a events organiser or party planner to produce your event!

The party is there for you, your team and most importantly your guests to enjoy and have a lasting memory. We take care of everything from room theming and styling to photography, Creative cuisine, theming, speakers, music and entertainment – Dandy Events will make it happen for you.